In the timeless tapestry of textiles, RAFU'D weaves a narrative that bridges the gap between India's rich heritage and contemporary fashion. India's textile history, a treasury of myths and folklore, finds a vibrant revival in our brand. Each RAFU'D creation is a canvas, bearing the artistry of our ancestors, reimagined with a touch of modernity.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. From our choice of fabrics to our recycled and biodegradable packaging, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. Our fabrics are all-natural and biodegradable, ensuring that they return to the Earth without harm. In every collection, we collaborate with artisans, including weavers from Kutch who craft custom handwoven fabrics using indigenous kala cotton. For this collection, we even partnered with tie-dyeing masters in Ahmedabad to create vibrant, colorful fabrics. Moreover, we operate at a very small scale, producing small quantity batches every time. This approach allows us to meticulously control our manufacturing processes, ensuring that there isn't waste being created. We take pride in our commitment to sustainable practices, believing that eco-conscious fashion can also be vibrant and quirky. RAFU’D challenges the misconception that sustainable fashion must be dull or lack color. Our designs prove that sustainability can be synonymous with style, allowing you to make a bold and responsible fashion statement that's as colorful as your values.

Unlike conventional Indian fashion, we eschew the familiar embroideries to celebrate the prints, colors, and captivating iconography rooted in Indian culture, seamlessly fused with contemporary pop culture.

The name RAFU'D, derived from the Urdu word "rafu" meaning mending or patching, signifies our dedication to handwork, textures, and the fusion of narrative textiles with today's fashion.

At RAFU'D, we craft pieces that narrate the tale of our past and present, celebrating our cultural journey, our textiles, and our civilization.

Each piece tells the story of us...

Inviting you to be a part of this timeless narrative.

About the designer

Shaishavi Mehta, the creative force behind RAFU'D, hails from the quaint town of Vapi in Gujarat. Her journey into the world of design began at the Unitedworld Institute of Design in Gandhinagar, where she started honing her craft. Shaishavi's passion for design led her to work with various brands during her college years, gaining invaluable insights along the way.

In 2021, she took a bold step, quitting her job as an assistant designer to embark on a new venture. Just eight months later, RAFU'D was born.

Growing up in the vibrant culture of Gujarat, Shaishavi drew inspiration from the kaleidoscope of colors and textiles that surrounded her. These influences are evident in every aspect of her brand, from the packaging to the website.

The inception of RAFU'D can be traced back to a college assignment, where Shaishavi's dedication and creativity led to the birth of this unique brand. Her vision for RAFU'D goes beyond fashion; it's about using clothing as a means of storytelling. Her journey has been beautiful, and she remains committed to continual learning and growth through her brand.